June 2013

13th June 2013

So the year has shot past at the speed of light, most of it I’ve spend writing the next TS LEARNER THRILLER ‘THE STOLEN” (TS Learner is my other writing persona – known to UK, Australian and European readers and hopefully my fantastic American readership). On the erotica front QUIVER has just been re-released in the US by PLUME/PENGUIN , TREMBLE is to follow this summer and YEARN in the fall. If you enjoyed Quiver you are going to love TREMBLE – the original sub title was ‘ sensual fables of the mystical and sinister’ and this sums the stories up well, TREMBLE is my personal favourite (like having a favourite child! Not political correct!) I guess because of the magical mythical quality to the stories, as well as the bawdy humour. ROOT (a very funny story about a lonely Welsh spinster who receives a mandrake root that turns into a penis!) is particularly powerful. I also worked hard on weaving in real history into these stories. And the reader will be able to see a connection to my historical fiction ‘THE WITCH OF COLOGNE'(Tor, US) in these stories.

Another wonderful uplifting experience this last month was Anne Rice’s endorsement of QUIVER on her facebook page

“Quiver” — a book of erotic tales by Tobsha Learner. This is good stuff! I’m deep into it, enthralled by the fine and sensitive writing, by the beautifully detailed erotic passages, by the depth of the characters. This is just delicious. Take it from Anne Rice and A.N. Roquelaure, this is original and fascinating.


Many thanks to all her fans and my readers who joined in on Ms Rice’s tweeter feed on Quiver – you guys really made my year!!

Once the thriller is delivered (very soon now) I shall be back on some more erotica – working on a rather sexy ghost novella at the moment


Speak soon Tobsha

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So the year has shot past at the speed of light, most of it I've spend writing the next...
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