Inspiration behind “The Woman Who Was Tied Up and Forgotten”

28th June 2012

Next month will see my three collections of erotic short stories – Quiver, Tremble and Yearn – being published as ebooks by Piatkus Entice, which I am incredibly excited about. These books have all been bestsellers in Australia, and it is about time the UK got to know Tobsha Learner!

One way I will using my new site is to explain some of the inspiration behind my erotic short stories, and hopefully in doing so inspire other would-be erotic writers. I guess you can call it an ongoing masterclass in how to write Erotica, and after the frenzy of activity in July and August I will be preparing more “technical” guides on writing erotic fiction.

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The Woman Who Was Tied Up and Forgotten

In my very first short story in Quiver, Sandra, a successful architect, regularly submits to bondage sessions in the dentist’s chair of her husband’s practice – until one day the power swings and she discovers a whole new erotic rough play.

I was interested in notion of how a lot of people in power, like top businessmen are attracted to S and M. Such obsession is also associated with high stress and the desire to be disempowered  – relieved of ‘responsibility’. I was also drawn to the idea of the dynamic in a relationship between an alpha female and a “Beta” man. In this story, Sandra is an architect married to a dentist, and when Sandra gets a very high profile commission it causes a shift in their relationship which affects both their sex life and their marriage. Anyone who knows me will know that I like a challenge – and the challenge of making dentistry erotic was irresistible!

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Next month will see my three collections of erotic short stories - Quiver, Tremble and Yearn - being published...
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