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21st August 2012

Following the release of the three collections Quiver, Tremble and Yearn as ebooks, a selection of some of my best short stories will be published by PiatkusEntice on 23 August 2012 available to pre-order and download on a number of platforms!

So if you fancy your erotica more bite-sized than as a feast, these individual stories and bundles will be perfect for you.

Custodian: Alistair is a twenty-year-old virgin working at the British Museum. A beautiful older aristocrat comes in wanting to hire someone to record her collection of erotic artefacts from Pompeii used in an explicit ritual that promised eternal youth, the ritual requires a sacrificial virgin…

Weather: In 1987 Phoebe, a secretary bored with her husband, becomes sexually obsessed with a handsome BBC weatherman. Convinced he is secretly communicating to her she begins to dream his reports in an explicit manner a day before they are broadcast. Then one day he gets it terribly wrong…

The Man Who Loved Sound: Quin, an obsessive sound recordist and sensualist falls in lust with an older woman’s voice when she accidentally calls his recording studio. For her it is the sexual experience of a lifetime as later he rides her into a spectacularly loud orgasm which almost blows his speakers.

The Listening Room: A frustrated young wife of a conductor shocks her husband and titillates a whole orchestra through public rough sex with a stranger.

The Root: After a traumatic break-up with a married man, Dorothy Owen returns to the Welsh village of her mother and inherits an heirloom from her spinster witch Aunt that both empowers and pleasures her sexually but when she finally lands a boyfriend all kind of erotic supernatural happenings create mischief.

Ice-Cream: Jerome is a gorgeous hulk who likes to entertain the young mothers in his ice-cream van after school – an explicit adventure into oral pleasures of ice-cream and other illicit temptations.

Virgin: A disillusioned young nun goes to a Greek Island to renew her faith. In a parade she touches a holy relic, and this propels her into a supernatural and erotic odyssey of emotional and sexual fulfillment.

Doubt: A famous cuckolded conductor on tour sweats his self-doubt out in a sexual fantasy of submission and naughty schoolgirls, until he is awoken by strange sounds in the next hotel room.

Pussy and Mouse: Cassandra is an overweight phone sales rep who lives a whole sexual fantasy life through her avatar, who is a famous porn star on “second Life”. She is convinced all her desires are fulfilled until real like beckons.

Man of Sighs: A womanising artist is set up by a jilted lover who sets out to frustrate and undermine him through an orgy of girl-on-girl, only to find herself swept up in the explicit fantasy.

The Woman Who Was Tied Up And Forgotten: Sandra, a successful architect, regularly submits to bondage in the dentist chair of her husband’s practice, until one day the power shifts and she discovers a whole new erotic rough play…

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Following the release of the three collections Quiver, Tremble and Yearn as ebooks, a selection of some of my...
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