latest erotic book – Picture This

28th March 2017

Great NEWS!! PICTURE THIS is now available as a paperback from  with great reviews!!! For fans that love good looking book to hold, I'm really proud of this one - looks great and I believe Unbound did an excellent job with... Read more »

Taking the B/S out of Art – New novel by Tobsha Learner

18th March 2016

One of my inspirations behind the writing of my new novel Picture This was the fascination I had for how quickly any kind of rebellion to the mainstream becomes incorporated by the arbitrators of ‘good taste’ and ‘high art’ then made... Read more »

Rave Review in Publishers Weekly for Tremble

7th August 2013 Read more »

The Zipless Read

27th June 2013

Ah, the challenge of the Zipless read, as a seasoned erotic writer and not one of your recent Johnnie-come-lately, I am a serious believer in the craft of erotic writing. I’m not talking about the mildly erotic/romance pap of... Read more »

June 2013

13th June 2013

So the year has shot past at the speed of light, most of it I've spend writing the next TS LEARNER THRILLER 'THE STOLEN" (TS Learner is my other writing persona - known to UK, Australian and European readers... Read more »

Quiver, Tremble and Yearn now available in hard copy!

11th October 2012

October has arrived and with it the publication of my three collections of erotic and sensuous short stories, Quiver, Tremble and Yearn in hard copy by Piatkus Entice. The collections - and in addition some individual stories - are also... Read more »

Irreverent questions with Tobsha Learner on Bookthing

24th August 2012

To coincide with the release of a number of individual erotic short stories, there is a great Q&A with me on the Bookthing if you want more of an insight into my life as a writer, likes and... Read more »

Coming soon: Individual Short Stories on Ebooks!

21st August 2012

Following the release of the three collections Quiver, Tremble and Yearn as ebooks, a selection of some of my best short stories will be published by PiatkusEntice on 23 August 2012 available to pre-order and download on a number... Read more »

Can a man increase his pulling power by reading female-friendly erotica?

14th August 2012

Occasionally I get nostalgic for the era when your average fumbling teenage lad thought a clitoris was a small island off the West coast of Africa – but not often. The wonderful thing about erotica (as opposed to porn and... Read more »

Erotic classics every woman should have on her bookshelf (or Kindle)

31st July 2012

"The Story of O": Originally this was published under the pseudo nom of Pauline Reage in 1954 in France. At the time because of the S&M content and the general sexual explicitness it was assumed to have been written... Read more »



"The Story of O": Originally this was published under the pseudo...

Rave Review in Publishers Weekly for Tremble

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"The Story of O": Originally this was published under the pseudo nom of Pauline Reage in 1954 in France....
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